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The goal of the Opportunity Project is to provide extra academic support to foster children who have often had an inconsistent school experience or to support the development of the whole child by providing assistance for enrichment activities specifically tailored to a foster child’s immediate needs, interests, and abilities.

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Opportunity Project Policy

Fundable services include, but are not limited to, tutoring, enrichment classes, sports programs and camps,Grants may also be used to purchase items that will contribute substantially to a particular foster child’sphysical, mental or emotional well-being. Such items might include, for example, a musical instrument for a budding musician, a Chromebook or tablet for school, a prom dress, or a sports uniform.


All current foster children placed by Marin County Department of Health and Human Services are eligible to apply. This includes children in family preservation or maintenance and Non-Minor Dependents.

Foster children placed by other counties, living with a resource family in Marin, should also apply.

In addition, former Marin foster children, or out of county foster children living in Marin, who have been adopted remain eligible for Opportunity funds for 18 months from the date of their departure from foster care.


Funding Limits:

Due to our successful fundraising and grant writing, we’ve eliminated the $500/child/calendar year limit.

The committee strongly encourages the requestor to seek out scholarships and reductions in fees BEFORE applying for an Opportunity Project Grant.

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Award Criteria:

Requests are considered in the order received by the Marin Foster Care Association Opportunity Fund Committee. Funding is limited and is insufficient to support all requests. Therefore, the Committee will weigh the severity of the child’s need and the value of the services sought in determining whether, and how much, to award.

Application and Award Procedure:

Always ask the vendor for a scholarship or discount prior to submitting application. The vast majority of camps, sports leagues, etc will discount or scholarship a foster child. This will extend our funds, allow us to approve more requests and advance awareness of the child welfare system.


Submit proof of activity/item cost with the application. A flyer, screenshot of website, invoice, receipt, etc all suffice.


Families may apply for and receive multiple grants in the same calendar year.


Opportunity Grants are made possible through the generous donations of individuals and foundations to Marin Foster Care Association.

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