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Fostering Interconnection Through Therapy (FITT)

Fostering Interconnection Through Therapy (FITT) supports the foster care community by offering therapeutically-based proactive strategies and coping tools to enhance day-to-day functioning and security within relationships and the home.
Who We Serve

FITT provides subsidized professional therapeutic services for:

  • Resource Parents

  • Biological Children

  • Adoptive Families

  • Aging Out Foster Youth

  • “Bridge Builders” Transition Support for Caregivers

How We Can Help

The transition into a new home can be challenging for everyone involved. Change can bring strong emotions, which can be exhibited through challenging behaviors. There are many times resource parents report feeling helpless, isolated, or burnt out.

“Fostering Interconnection Through Therapy” (FITT) helps to support resource parents as they navigate this journey. As there is often a “honeymoon phase” that occurs once a child moves into a new home, we encourage you to access FITT during this time. This preventative step will facilitate healthy patterns, communication and consistency -- hopefully minimizing any future stress.


To learn more about FITT support services and the FITT team, please click below.






Where to Begin

We are here to support and guide you through the challenges that may arise during this journey. Therapy is provided FREE of charge for resource parents and their biological children, aging out youth, and adoptive families. Therapy for adoptive families is FREE of charge for 3 months post-adoption and a $50 fee for subsequent sessions.


To schedule an intake and be directed to a FITT therapist, please contact Amanda Milholland at


Community Resources for Emergencies
  • If you need immediate help due to a life-threatening situation, call 911 or use the Family Urgent Response System (FURS): 833-939-3877. 

  • Behavioral Health Services or the Crisis Line: 800-870-8786

  • CalHOPE Warm Line: 833-317-HOPE(4673)

  • 24-hour Suicide Prevention Line: 855-587-6373

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