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Fostering Interconnection Through Therapy (FITT)

In conjunction with Marin Foster Care Association, we are excited to announce a therapeutic pilot project that we put into place on June 1, 2022. As there have been ongoing requests for additional therapeutic support within the foster community, we have created a therapeutic program to offer access to mental health support for resource parents and families. As of now, this is a FREE program. At the moment, this service is for foster parents and their family members, not foster children.

Step 1: Please take this very short survey (if there are 2 resource parents in the home, please
have each person fill it out separately.)


This will help us gain the funds and statistics needed to continue this project, should it be one that is utilized and successful.

Step 2: Learn about this project:

Marin Foster Care Association exists because of the selflessness and compassion of resource
families. Resource parents step up at a critical time for our most vulnerable children. However,
the transition between a child and a resource family is not always an easy one. There is grief, loss, fear, and trauma that accompanies a child into his/her new home. With such drastic change comes strong emotion, which can be exhibited through challenging behaviors. Therefore, there are many times resource parents report feeling helpless, confused, or burnt out.

“Fostering Interconnection Through Therapy” (FITT) hopes to support resource parents and in
turn, foster children by assisting parents as they navigate trying behaviors, uncertainties, and
loss with the goal of fostering safety and security. As there is often times a “honeymoon phase”
that occurs once a child moves into a new home, we encourage you to access FITT during this
time. This preventative step will foster healthy patterns, communication, and consistency,
hopefully minimizing future stressors that inevitably arise.

FITT uses trauma-informed parent coaching and draws from cognitive behavioral therapy,
including strategies to foster regulation and minimize reactivity. In addition, psychodynamic
and family systems methodologies will be used with a firm concentration on attachment
theory. We will not be providing individual therapy for foster children but rather therapy for the
resource parents, biological children, or therapy for the entire family unit.

We are here to support and guide you through the challenges and stressors that may present
during this journey.

Step 3: When you or a family member need access to therapeutic support or have a question,
you may reach out to our therapist, Lina Fancy, MFT - trainee. Lina has had 20 years of experience working with families as an Autism and behavioral specialist. She served 12 years as the director of the parent coaching clinic, Jumpstart, at the Autism Center of Northern California. Lina has also completed the Resource Parent orientation and is being supervised by Sara Edrington, Psy.D. (PSY21061,) Licensed Psychologist and MFCA Board Member. Contact: 415-690-8208

To schedule a session please contact Lina at and can be reached at (415) 496-9880 and will return calls within 24-48 hours. She will be providing in-person sessions on Mondays and virtual sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please remember, if you need immediate help due to a life-threatening situation, call 911 or use
the Family Urgent Response System (FURS): 833-939-3877. 

Additional resources include:

  • Access to Behavioral Health Services or the Crisis Line: 800-870-8786

  • CalHOPE Warm Line: 833-317-HOPE(4673)

  • 24-hour Suicide Prevention: 855-587-6373

About Sasha

Sasha is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with families impacted by trauma, separation, and behavioral challenges for more than ten years, having received her MSW from UC Berkeley. Sasha worked in Child Welfare for eight years and since 2019 has operated Foster Parent Therapy, providing therapy services to foster and adoptive families in California. 

Sasha and her partner have adopted five children from California foster care, two of whom are now young adults in college. They continue to foster children with complex needs. Sasha is a certified trainer for Nurtured Heart Approach parenting classes, and trains other therapists in Adoption Competent Therapy. Sasha's family was the California Department of Social Services Adoptive Family of the Year in 2022. 

About Lina

Lina first began working with children on the autism spectrum in 2000, whereby years of subsequent training in behavior methodology developed into a solid practice that strongly focused on best practice intervention via 1:1 direct training, parent training, navigating educational placement and services, and in a variety of community settings. Areas of focus outside of behavior modification have included academic readiness, communicative interaction, emotional regulation, and independence (life skills).  Lina went on to develop and grow the parent coaching program at the Autism Center of Northern California, where she was the director for 12 years. She also has consulted for private schools, home programs, school districts, and lectures locally, nationally, and internationally.


After working with families for over a decade, she was compelled to complete her MFT at the Dominican University of California. She is looking to eventually incorporate psychotherapeutic support for couples, siblings, and families who are navigating critical journeys within the upbringing of their children. She has recently joined the Marin Foster Care Association as an intern under the supervision of Sara Edrington, Ph.D., to provide behavior support in conjunction with trauma-informed individual, couple, and family psychotherapy for those who step up at a critical time for those who are the most vulnerable among us.  

About Cindi

Cindi is an MFT Trainee working under the supervision of Sasha McGowan, LCSW. She is a student of Counseling Psychology at Dominican University of California. Cindi has previous clinical experience at Bonita House Wellness Centers serving dual diagnosis adult populations. She holds a BA in Dance from Wesleyan University, class of 1996, and is a professional photographer. Cindi has a foundation in somatic psychology, cross-cultural competency and expressive arts. Cindi grew up in Marin and is a mother to  three, two of whom are in college.

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