Our mission is to achieve consistent, safe, quality care for the well being of all foster children by providing support services and advocacy to Foster and Adoptive Families, Relative and Non-relative caregivers.

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We feel so supported by the MFCA …
through educational opportunities, the CRC and the opportunity fund, we were able to get our foster daughter’s hair done for their 13th Birthday. It was great confidence boost to her. Thank you!

Kirsten O.


Adopting two girls, sisters, has been the most challenging, yet the most beautiful experience of our lives. MFCA made our lives by providing training weekends for foster parents, support groups, and fun events for families. The training weekends and the training teachers and therapists educated us to become fost-adopt parents. The spring picnic and holiday parties make our girls so happy and its helpful to connect to other families.

Michelle C.B.

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Thank you MFCA for all that you do for so many children here in Marin Country. You all make real differences in lives of children and youth needing love, acceptance, and open arms.