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Community News & Resources

Check back frequently – we’ll update this page as news breaks and resources become available.

New Placement Checklist

Designed to help both social workers and resource families think about “what I need to know” during the often crazy time of placement, its use will save valuable minutes down the road.

Wondering who can babysit your foster child? For how long? Where?

Download this handy matrix and decision tree to view your choices for respite care.

CFS issues clothing allowances to Marin foster children quarterly – Jan/April/July/Oct. The payments are issued on the last business day of those months, so resource parents should expect the payment to arrive in the first few weeks of Feb/May/Aug/Nov.

Childcare Bridge Program

Access this factsheet to learn about short term childcare funding for the child/ren in your care

NEW JV290 Procedure

Marin resource families have
2 choices when submitting the JV290:
Email the form to their social worker; CFS court clerks will make/distribute copies.
Email the form to Judge Wood and snail mail a hard copy to Marin’s clerk*

**3501 Civic Center Dr, Rm 234,
San Rafael, CA 94903

The Mobile Crisis Response Team responds to mental health and substance abuse crises and psychiatric emergencies in Marin. Check out this informative video for detals of the valuable service.

Family Urgent Response System (FURS)
CALL OR TEXT: 1-833-939-FURS | 1-833-939-3877

FURS is a coordinated state and county response system that will provide current and former foster youth (up to age 21) and their caregivers with immediate, trauma-informed support by caring and trained professionals when they need it.

Student Wellness Speaker Series

This speaker series will engage students through a variety of topics from emotional intelligence, anxiety, pressure, and leadership to substance use, LGBTQ+, digital wellness, and mindfulness.
Each session is meant to support Marin’s high school students during these unprecedented times.


Download this well-written, sensitive guide to inform and provide best practice suggestions for Children’s
Residential Providers and Caregivers relating to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and
Expression (SOGIE) while ensuring the health and safety of children during out of home care
and during their transition into young adulthood.

School District Liaisons

Marin County Office of Education maintains a list of foster child liasons for each school district.

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