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Community Resource Center (CRC)

Our center is stocked with items a child needs to find comfort in a new home. 

Foster parents need 8 hours of training annually to maintain their license. We’ll help you get those hours!

Another opportunity for training hours, these come with a glass of wine, shorter presentations, and support from foster moms.

Resource Family Needs

Are you a resource family in need of help from a volunteer? Click the icon to fill out our form.

The Opportunity Project

The Opportunity Project funds educational and enrichment activities tailored to a foster child’s immediate needs, skills and interests.

Nurture a Teen

“My favorite teen is the one no one wants to deal with”. Meet Lesia Knudsen, Marin’s Champion of Teens!

Every summer foster families,
social workers and ALL the kids gather at the park for
food and FUN!

Holiday Party

This one’s all about the kids! Pizza, cupcakes, games, prizes, and special entertainment for ALL ages. Ear to ear smiles guaranteed!

Public Health Nurses

Nurses Tory Harter and Jessica Middleton are available for support with any medical related needs or questions for children in care. You can email them at or

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