PLEASE NOTE: Your foster youth NEEDS to be included on the trip.

August Quarterly Gathering

We are excited to host our second quarterly gathering on August 20th at 9:30am with Call of the Sea! Come be a Sailor for a Day! You will take turns steering the ship, help haul up the Mainsail, learn to tie knots used on the ship, and hear about the life of a sailor from the professional crew that lives full time on the ship. All ages are welcome.


Summer Camp Scholarships 

MFCA has researched summer camp scholarships in the hope that we can provide additional resources for foster families and their foster children. We are happy to say that several camps responded positively and want to work with us.

Summer Adventure Menu

Each resource family currently fostering a Marin child, or fostering an out-of-county child, will be reimbursed $300 per foster child for a Summer Adventure or two (choose from our list or one of your own!). We’re using rough math – a little over, a little under – to ensure fun for all! We’ll reimburse upon receipt until September 1st.

Sailing with Captain Zorah Rose

Captain Zorah Rose of Creative Concierge is offering free, socially distanced sailing adventures in San Francisco Bay for Marin’s foster children and their care providers. She is able to schedule one free trip per month for up to 4 people (this will go up to 6 when Covid rules are further relaxed). Visit her website (link below), identify yourself as a Marin Resource Family, and Captain Zorah will get in touch.